Music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, voice actor.




Music producer and multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitars, piano and keyboards, ukulele, percussion...). Recording, mixing, arrangements, mastering. More than 10 years of experience and +60 albums produced. Own studio (Gate24 Estudi de so) based in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona).

Clients: Love of Lesbian, Xarim Aresté, Núria Graham, Joana Serrat, Gemma Humet, Inspira, Trau, Guillem Roma, Chet…

Gate24 Estudi de so


Writing, recording, editing, mixing of voiceovers and custom music for promotional videos, ads, radio and TV programmes, cinema and documentaries, apps, audioguides, audiobooks, educational projects, etc. A wide range of styles and voices in many languages.

Clients: TV3, MediaMarkt, Cambridge School, Rac1, UPC, El Tenedor - TripAdvisor, CCCB, Leticia Dolera, Baula-Edelvives…

Gate24 Audio


Voice actor and singer with more than 10 years of experience. He has voiced promotional videos, audiovisual art, educational material, apps, dubbed cartoons and educational videos. He has appeared regularly in the radio and TV programmes “Via Lliure” (Rac1), “Horari d’estiu” and “Extraradi” (La Xarxa). Catalan, Spanish, British English and Italian.

Clients: Cambridge School, CCCB, Baula-Edelvives, Diputació de Barcelona, Agils, kApptive, Avisual Concept, etc.

Roger Gascon Voice actor


Roger Gascon

Music producer since 2006.

Composer, singer, voice actor and multi-instrumentalist musician (drums, guitars, piano and keyboards, bass, ukulele, percussion).

He has written and produced music for MediaMarkt, The Fork - TripAdvisor, TV3, La Xarxa, Enderrock, and voiceovers for Cambridge School, CCCB, Diputació de Barcelona and Baula, among many others. He has worked in different radio and TV programmes in Catalonia, such as "Via Lliure" (Rac1), "Horari d'estiu" and "Extraradi" (La Xarxa).

He has composed and performed music for films and documentaries, such as "Requirements To Be A Normal Person" (by Leticia Dolera) and "The Peach Blossom Garden", and theatre plays such as "L'Assemblea" and "El gran despropòsit".

He has produced more than 60 albums by bands and artists such as L'Espiadimonis, Chet, Vol menor, Bitter o Llorer.

He has recorded songs by Love of Lesbian, Xarim Aresté, Núria Graham, Joana Serrat, Gemma Humet, Inspira, Trau and Guillem Roma and has worked with artists such as Mazoni, Sidonie, Cesk Freixas, Itaca Band and The Pinker Tones in different projects.

Songwriter, singer and guitar and keyboards player in The Lazy Lies.

Studios: Bird With Vertigo studio (2009-2016), Cadenza Studio (2016-2018), Gate24 (2018-present).

Audio Engineering Diploma at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), Barcelona.

Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, French.


The Lazy Lies - The Lazy Lies

THE LAZY LIES - The Lazy Lies (album, 2016)

Written and produced by Roger Gascon

#37 - Best albums of 2016 (Ted Gioia, American music critic)
#12 - Best albums of 2016 (George Wallace, American music blogger)
#7 - Best Spanish albums of 2016 (Sergi Altadill, La Voz Telúrica)
#7 - Best Spanish albums of 2016 (Plástico Elástico)
#30 - Best Spanish albums of 2016 (Muzikalia)
#22 - Best Catalan albums of 2016 (Mondo Sonoro)

The Lazy Lies - (Things Will Eventually) Backfire

THE LAZY LIES - (Things Will Eventually) Backfire (song, 2016)

Written and produced by Roger Gascon

The 100 best tracks of 2016 (Ted Gioia, American music critic)
The 100 best tracks of 2016 (Muzikalia)

Chet - Inventari

CHET - Inventari (EP, 2016)

Produced by Roger Gascon

Winners of Sona 9 2016's "Joventut" award

Llorer - Inflexió

LLORER - Inflexió (EP, 2013)

Produced by Roger Gascon

Winner of Sona 9 2013's "Èxit" award
Finalist in Altaveu Frontera 2013
Finalist in Track Vendrell 2014

Bitter - Esperant que surti el sol

BITTER - Esperant que surti el sol (album, 2013)

Produced by Roger Gascon

Finalist in Track Vendrell 2013

Roger Gascon re-records The Beatles' Abbey Road

ROGER GASCON - Re-records The Beatles' Abbey Road (album, 2009)

Best Production Award (School of Audio Engineering - SAE Barcelona, 2009)


Phone: (+34) 678 65 45 19

Email: roger (arroba)